Lost Sketchbook 1.0

This is a page from my sketchbook which disapeared during a night of excess along with everything else in my bag, notebook, camera, pens, a neat little watercolour set and all the rest. It's been a while now and I've given up hope on it reapearing, but just in case. They are A6 size Moleskine's one lined and full and one blank and fairly new, my email is on the inside if you find them I'll give you a lovely pressie for christmas.


Start a Fire

This is one of my pieces from "Take To the Woods" the group show at Analogue. Which someone was kind enough to buy. Coincidently this week is National Tree Week. So if you can, try and be nice to some trees... Well at least until Sunday.


"We Can Work It Out."

"We Can Work It Out." is a group show at one of the new exhibition spaces in The Green Room in Edinburgh.
It opened last Friday the 16th to what seemed to me to be a full house and good reviews.
Along side myself other exhibitors include Acorn, Jet-Pac, Klingatron, Iain Laurie, Matt Pattinson, Roule, Sole, Amy Whiten. Fellow Tell Tale collaborators Spie One, David Galletly, Carrie McGinn and Elph (who sort of curated the show in his own last minute kind of way).

"The Helvetica Show" is on upstairs in the other exhibition space. Both are well worth checking out if your in the area.


"Take To The Woods"

Nigel Peake did this flyer for the first ever group exhibition at Analogue, and he put my name on it so i might go home and do some work.

Please feel free to drop in on the opening party on Thursday the 15th November from 7 pm, while you wait you can check out these links for all the other nice people with names on the flyer.

Acorn, Alexa Cameron, Chris Bourke, Claire Scully, David Galletly, Dist, Elph, French, Holly Wales, Iain Bruce, Jo Waterhouse, Jon Burgerman, Magda Boreysza, Marcus Oakley, Marcus Walters, Matt Pattinson, Matt Sewell, Natalie Russell, Neasdon Control Centre, Nigel Peake, Robert Hanson, Samuel Sparrow, Simon Peplow, Simone Lia, Stuart White, Supermundane, Suzi Q, Tommy Perman and Will Barras.

its pretty much a roll call of everyone whose had exhibitions, made Running Amoks or sold there wares through Analogue.


New Special K, Sustain

Oil & pencil on wood.
This was one of the pieces I had in this summer's group show at Hula on Victoria St. While the Edinburgh Festival raged on around me.


The Changing Room T-Shirt

To celebrate the tenth anniversary The Changing Room commisioned me to design one in a set of limited edition t-shirts, along with three other friends and locals.

Rob Churm, David Galletly, Rue Five and Amy Marletta

The exclusive range of t-shirts designed for The Changing Room's birthday were available from 24th August in an edition of 20 each. For a limited period these are for sale at the gallery at a special price of £10. Please call or email the gallery for more information about mailorder. Hurry up though because there almost all gone.

35, Crawford Arcade, King Street, Stirling, FK8 1AX, Scotlandtel/fax +44(0)1786 479361 email


"Voluntary Action" Opening

That's right boys and gals my wee shack is lit up on the inside and lookee lookee, someones checking out my t-shirt. What you don't see is all the drunks in the next room at this moment their having a blast Amy Marletta played a pretty decent DJ set a nice mod mix of soul classics and the likes, everyone digged the cocktails and filmmaker and friend Emma Balkind baked up a storm with her Revolutionary (birthday) Cupcakes. It was a very friendly easy going opening what with most people there being ex-volunteers and friends of the space, if only it hadn't hyped me up so much that I thought going to the infamous Fubar on a Friday night a good idea.

If you missed the opening don't worry there will be some film screenings coming up as part of the exhibitions closing event. For more info visit The Changing Room.


Hip Hip Hooray

The Changing Room is ten today and to celebrate tonight the 24th of august we shall have a party with free beer, cocktails, cake and music.
There will be a live set from The Impudels i think it is though i may be wrong and a DJ set by Amy Marletta who also designed one of a set of 4 limited edition t-shirts along with myself David Galletly and Rob Churm of Park Attack, they will be on sale tonight for a measly tenner so come down and buy them or just come down and have a dance.


"Voluntary Action" Begins

I've been making a home for the myself in The Changing Room, for the 10th anniversary exhibition "Voluntary Action". The idea being that it will house the limited edition t-shirts that myself and a few others designed.


Live Painting Tonight

Streetwear boutique Goodstead will be holding "A Night Of Excess" at The Bongo Club in Edinburgh tonight (1st Aug).
With live funk bands, DJ's, aerial performers and live painting by local writers Elph, Spie, Derm, some others and me.
All proceeds from canvasses sold go to charity.

10-3am £4 on the door


T-Shirt Roughs

The Changing Rooms kindly asked me too design one of a set of t-shirts they were doing for there 10th anniversary show.
These are just some of the roughs they wanted to be able to print them on a couple of different colour tees so i had to have a colour schemme that would work on more than one backround, which was weird.
I was going to have them on royal blue or orange tees but it seemed too dark for the print, so decided on sky blue and sunflower.

I'll post the finished ones once there back from the printers.


"Finger Discount" Exhibition

Heres a pretty ropey joiner of my exhibition at The Changing Room. I may post some better pics of the hung work after the show ends. If you want to see them properly just pop along to The Old Arcade in Stirling, it will be on show until the 11th August.

If you fancy a little giggle you can read what the Stirling Observer had too say.