T-Shirt Roughs

The Changing Rooms kindly asked me too design one of a set of t-shirts they were doing for there 10th anniversary show.
These are just some of the roughs they wanted to be able to print them on a couple of different colour tees so i had to have a colour schemme that would work on more than one backround, which was weird.
I was going to have them on royal blue or orange tees but it seemed too dark for the print, so decided on sky blue and sunflower.

I'll post the finished ones once there back from the printers.


"Finger Discount" Exhibition

Heres a pretty ropey joiner of my exhibition at The Changing Room. I may post some better pics of the hung work after the show ends. If you want to see them properly just pop along to The Old Arcade in Stirling, it will be on show until the 11th August.

If you fancy a little giggle you can read what the Stirling Observer had too say.