"Voluntary Action" Opening

That's right boys and gals my wee shack is lit up on the inside and lookee lookee, someones checking out my t-shirt. What you don't see is all the drunks in the next room at this moment their having a blast Amy Marletta played a pretty decent DJ set a nice mod mix of soul classics and the likes, everyone digged the cocktails and filmmaker and friend Emma Balkind baked up a storm with her Revolutionary (birthday) Cupcakes. It was a very friendly easy going opening what with most people there being ex-volunteers and friends of the space, if only it hadn't hyped me up so much that I thought going to the infamous Fubar on a Friday night a good idea.

If you missed the opening don't worry there will be some film screenings coming up as part of the exhibitions closing event. For more info visit The Changing Room.

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Emma Balkind said...

Wow, awesome. I've never seen that page about my documentary before! It was good to see you again Jules, will text you soon as I think Joe and I might be having a wee party...