Start a Fire

This is one of my pieces from "Take To the Woods" the group show at Analogue. Which someone was kind enough to buy. Coincidently this week is National Tree Week. So if you can, try and be nice to some trees... Well at least until Sunday.


"We Can Work It Out."

"We Can Work It Out." is a group show at one of the new exhibition spaces in The Green Room in Edinburgh.
It opened last Friday the 16th to what seemed to me to be a full house and good reviews.
Along side myself other exhibitors include Acorn, Jet-Pac, Klingatron, Iain Laurie, Matt Pattinson, Roule, Sole, Amy Whiten. Fellow Tell Tale collaborators Spie One, David Galletly, Carrie McGinn and Elph (who sort of curated the show in his own last minute kind of way).

"The Helvetica Show" is on upstairs in the other exhibition space. Both are well worth checking out if your in the area.


"Take To The Woods"

Nigel Peake did this flyer for the first ever group exhibition at Analogue, and he put my name on it so i might go home and do some work.

Please feel free to drop in on the opening party on Thursday the 15th November from 7 pm, while you wait you can check out these links for all the other nice people with names on the flyer.

Acorn, Alexa Cameron, Chris Bourke, Claire Scully, David Galletly, Dist, Elph, French, Holly Wales, Iain Bruce, Jo Waterhouse, Jon Burgerman, Magda Boreysza, Marcus Oakley, Marcus Walters, Matt Pattinson, Matt Sewell, Natalie Russell, Neasdon Control Centre, Nigel Peake, Robert Hanson, Samuel Sparrow, Simon Peplow, Simone Lia, Stuart White, Supermundane, Suzi Q, Tommy Perman and Will Barras.

its pretty much a roll call of everyone whose had exhibitions, made Running Amoks or sold there wares through Analogue.