Untitled VII

Tip-toeing around you.


Untitled VI

A hole in my heart the shape of your name.


Untitled V

Trying to buck his ideas up he was inadvertently undermining the laziness and force of habit that had kept his wrists closed for years. "You call up the blood in me".

From the Re-Coat group exhibition "Holiday Special". Which is on show until the 21st December.


Recoat Holiday Special

After the success of Recoat's 'Bargain Basement Exhibition' last year they have decided to treat you to another opportunity to own original art and limited edition prints for only forty pounds or less, from a selection of over thirty artists including myself.
If your in glasgow on Friday the 14th why don't you pop along to the west end and check the show.



I painted this a while ago, it was intended to be the back panels of some girls jackets for an Overspray Magazine photo-shoot. Royal Mail lost it for a few days and it arrived too late to be used. It now languishes in an office on the other side of the world.

The Overspray "Street Heart" issue is out now. I haven't seen it yet but I do have some illustrations in it somewhere, there's also a nice portrait of super-nice couple Bo130 and Microbo.




Tuesday/Necrotic Front Tooth

Fist's bite, with broken teeth.



History of The Success

Deceitful, dishonest, lazy and sly.



The Echo, Echo

The sudden rush and unquestionable gut-feeling. I'm here for you, and look I brought flowers. Coming back with a heart rate-rapid. Echo, echo.


Dostoevsky's Man

He was her new love. He didn't have his own money. So she paid for the movie.



A.N.D. Wraparound Cover

My friend David and I made a little zine for the Artist Networking Day at The Changing Room in Stirling. It was a little bit of a rush as we were putting most of it together on the day, but I quite like the cover. I draw the big stuff he draws the little stuff.

Go and look at more of his little stuff: www.davidgalletly.co.uk


Small & Lost

  • Click For Full Image

  • Russell over at Analogue Books in Edinburgh kindly let me make a mess in their back room with some D.I.Y. screen-printing.
    If you live in Edinburgh you can buy the finished print from Analogue at 102 West Bow, and if you don't you can buy it from my online store.
    "Small & Lost" is a 2 colour screen-print on vanilla card stock measuring 7 x 43 cm.
    Signed and numbered in an edition of 15.



    Best Joined Up, Edinburgh.

    I was recently invited by Curse and Women to get drunk on all the free rum i can drink (which it turns out is a lot) and take part in a live drawing session at Cabaret Voltaire in Edinburgh.
    The night went by the moniker of Best Joined Up and from what I gather has travelled around putting on different live sketches in different city's, with different artists.
    I had a good night, thanks too everyone who came down said hello and brought me drinks while I was drawing.


    Something's Wrong Zine

    New A6, 28 page b & w zine. Signed and numbered edition of 50 available at my online store and maybe some other places too.


    Sketchbook VI

    Catch the fire with your face, hold it in your voice.
    This is a link, to the outline for the piece at Analogue Books in Edinburgh.


    Analogue, Edinburgh.

    Russell and Julie of Analogue Books in Edinburgh asked me to paint the entrance to their store and do a sort of window display (that half I still need to go back and do). It was really fun and they are the nicest people you will ever meet on this planet so you should do all your shopping there.
    Go look at more photo's like this on their Flickr.


    "From Love comes Paine"

    Amble Gallery & Books will be hosting a silent auction of painted skateboard decks tommorow night to raise money for Franklin's Paine, and the Schuylkill River Skate Park Fund.
    So if your in Philadelphia get along to Amble 1001 N. 2nd Street (just across from Liberties Walk) Between 6pm - 10pm.
    Beers and Barbecues on a sunny Saturday evening what more could you want?

    Some Links:
    *Photo: Lindsy Kiely



    Untitled I

    Oil, pencil and house paint on wood.
    From the group show "We Can Work It Out" at The GRV last November.
    A woman I loved like a best friend lies comatose in my kitchen. She sings Al Green.


    Untitled II & III

    Oil, pencil and house paint on wood.
    These are from the group show "We Can Work It Out" at The GRV Project last November.
    Elph was sort of curating the show so it was pretty last minute. I knocked out these and a couple of others on the morning of the show with just enough time to catch the train, get to the gallery and hang the work. After that I got piss drunk and lost everything i owned.


    R.I.P. R. McAllister 1926-2008

    I live in his house, I draw on his paper, I paint in his garage and take photograph's with his camera's. I read his books. He's not there.


    Sketchbook 1.1

    I did eventually get my sketchbooks back. No camera but i didn't expect to see that again.
    I've been doing some work for the upcoming issue of Overspray. The theme is of course, you guessed it "Street Heart".
    I'll keep you posted on this when its closer to the time. Meanwhile why not check out the Overspray Blog they update it quite often.


    The Changing Room is Moving

    After a decade Stirlings only contempory art space closed its almost secret, slightly hidden doors in the old Crawford Arcade for the last time on the 31st of December.

    But don't worry its only gone and moved up the hill to The Tolbooth, Stirlings super-nice all round contempory arts and music venue. It should be re-launched sometime this summer with better facilities, advertising and general oh look its right there. That was easy to find feelings (and theres a bar upstairs). Oh what fun and merryment shall be had.

    The Changing Room
    Jail Wynd
    FK8 1DE