Drawing Daggers, Residency & Exhibition

Show Runs: Saturday 12th May till 3rd June 2012
Opening Party: Friday 11th May 2012 7pm-10pm

“Drawing Daggers” is a solo show from Team Recoat member, Rue Five. The show, a site-specific installation will include a series of drawings, paintings, photographs, sculpture, video and sound work.

His work explores themes including alternate pasts and futures and frequently incorporates archaic imagery, styles, or techniques to evoke uncertainty, mystery, inexpressible fears, and unsatisfied longing. His work is beautiful and well crafted.

Rue Five uses foraged materials, from slates from his grandmother’s cottage, a childhood retreat, to antique paper and pencils hoarded by his deceased grandfather, re-valuing and validating these forgotten, often lost items, creating intimate pieces with connections to his personal history.

The exhibition includes a series of weapons, some adorned, some made by others, and a few built by him. His intrigue lies in their necessity, he encourages us to imagine a culture or time when they were made; was it now, are they ancient relics or is he suggesting we may need these for the future he imagines and wants for us?

Recoat Gallery
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G20 6ND
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